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From my experience with diet pills, what you see is very rarely what you get. It seems like every company promotes its product as groundbreaking and something that will magically transform your body, but when it comes down to the formula and actual results, very few products really work.

That’s why I have found the most unbiased and honest way to research a weight loss product before you invest your time and money into it is to read reviews from people who have used the product and see if it worked as well for them as its company promised it would.

I wanted to find out whether Adipex really works or if it is just another prescription diet pill that’s not worth the hassle and you can read what other people are saying to if you read our unbiased Adipex reviews that other visitors have left.

So What Is Adipex, Really?

Adipex, also known as Adipex-P, is the most popular brand name of the generic prescription drug Phentermine Hydrochloride. As primarily an appetite suppressant, Phentermine has been shown to produce significant results in patients who used the drug and combined use with behavior modification and professional counseling while under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Essentially, Adipex works as an amphetamine-grade appetite suppressant, which is part of why it has never been released to the general public except in prescription form. Gate Pharmaceuticals originally developed Adipex, two years after the ingredient Phentermine Hydrochloride to give individuals have more control over the calories they consume.

A lot of people say the main reason they chose Adipex over other diet pills is they believe they can trust a prescription product to deliver better than over-the-counter diet pills, despite the fact that prescription diet pills generally cost much more than competing products and require a visit or multiple visits to the doctor. So the costs can add up pretty quick.

Does Adipex Help You Lose Weight?

By taking either the full dose, 37.5mg, or a half dose, 18.75mg, before breakfast or 1-2 hours after eating, your body will respond to the Phentermine Hydrochloride and suppress the signals that trigger your appetite, making you feel more satisfied throughout the day. This works on a couple conditions: First, you have to actually stop eating when you’re not hungry; and Second, you have to stop eating when you feel full. If you can keep those two conditions, Adipex may work for you.

But What are the Side Effects?

When I’m looking to try a weight loss supplement, very few things matter more to me than finding one that won’t cause a slew of negative side effects — especially because some diet pill side effects can be very serious.

Like many other prescription products, Adipex comes with a long list of side effects including impotence, dry mouth, insomnia, headaches and difficulty breathing. OF course, like any prescription drug, not everyone is going to suffer from the side effects, but it’s always important to be aware of the possibility. And if you are using Adipex, or any other Phetermine-based diet pill, be sure to let your doctor know of any of the side effects you start seeing.

How Can You Get a Prescription?

For the most part, doctors are only willing to prescribe this powerful diet pill if you are morbidly obese, with a BMI of 27+, and have contributing illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol exacerbating your health. Even when you do fall into that category, many doctors will recommend other options first and Adipex only as a last resort, Which makes it somewhat difficult to get for the average person looking to lose weight.

Even though dieting has always been extremely hard for me, I have never been in the morbidly obese range, and many people who are morbidly obese are interested in a more drastic procedure than a diet pill. For this reason, the use of Adipex has been limited and very few people are actually prescribed Adipex despite its popularity.

In addition, even if your doctor does prescribe you Adipex, your insurance is not likely to cover the cost unless your weight is seriously putting your health in jeopardy. So Adipex can be somewhat pricey, but there are generic options that will cost less in most cases.

Would I Say It’s Worth It?

From everything I know about Adipex, it is probably going to help you lose weight because you’ll be eating less. Of course, you don’t need a prescription to just start eating less by yourself though. But I know controlling your appetite can be a huge struggle, and if you need serious help, that’s what Adipex is for.

With determination, motivation, exercise and cutting back slowly, a lot of people can achieve the same kind of results, especially if they add a natural weight loss alternative.

The safety of Adipex has to be concerning as well, and that’s why you won’t see a lot of people subscribed Adipex. If you’ve used Adipex or have any questions, please feel free to share your experience with our visitors, the more information we can provide, the better.

Are There any Safe and Effective Alternatives to Adipex?

Adipex Alternative

In most cases, it’s hard to find a safe and effective alternative to a prescription drug, but Phentirmene is really everything you could ask for in an alternative to Adipex and other phentermine-based diet pills.

Phentirmene is safe, effective and all-natural. But the best part is the guarantee that comes with it. You’ll never get a guarantee with a prescription, but if Phentirmene doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back.

Phentirmene is a great way to lose weight because it suppresses your appetite with clinically-proven, natural ingredients while it increases your energy levels and works to enhance your overall health. For a prescription-free, more affordable option to Adipex, visit the official Phentirmene site.

Read Adipex Reviews from Recent Visitors

Read comments from our visitors for more information on Adipex and if you have tried Adipex, help others by leaving your story here. Feel free to share both the good and the bad of using Adipex or other Phetermine-based diet pills.

I’ve been on adipex for 2 weeks and i have lost 9 pds so far. My doctor gave me a 3 month supply so i’m hoping to lose 30 pds in this time period. I’m starting to eat healthier and exercise as much as i can. I did have the side effects of dry mouth, headaches and jittery the first week of taking the medicine but it has stop but now i have a new side effect of itching and feeling like something is crawling all over me. First i thought it was something in my house but i even feel this way at work. I talk to my doctor and he told me to take clartin to help the itchy feeling. And i don’t have as much energy like i hear other people have. But i’m happy with losing 9 pds in 2 wks and look forward to see if i can hit my goal with of 175.

Jul. 26, 2012 – Dana

I am not extremely over weight but I would like to lose the 20lbs I gained in the past year. My mother is quite overweight and was once a size 00 in her 20’s. I’m scared I’ll go down that same path. I am starting tomorrow to take Adipex and I hope it will work to get me on the right track. I’m 29 years old and would like to feel confident again like I used to.

Jul. 29, 2012 – Holly

I haven’t take Adipex yet. I have an appointment scheduled for August 21st. So I am looking forward to using it….and I’ll be sure to give a truthful review!!

Jul. 30, 2012 – Tahli

I have been on phentirmene for 21 days this time around. I have lost 23lbs so far. 3″ off my waist and 5″ off my hips. I went from a size 16 to a 14. My goal is to lose 64 more lbs and 16″ total off waist and hips to be in a 10. The key is to follow the calorie count that your doctor sets for you and drink plenty of water. I’m on a 1,000 calorie diet per day and I stick to it and dont stray.

Aug. 16, 2012 – deandrea

I have taken Adipex for 4 months, May-August 2012. It was suggested to me and prescribed
by my primary care doctor after I had two babies and I’m not having anymore. I was a little
concerned at first be because I have a heart condition (PPCM). However, my cardiologist
okayed it and he is top notch. The weight came off quite quickly at first, then I think your body
starts to adjust to it. The usual course is 12 weeks. I am in my 11th week and I have lost over
25 pounds, closing in on 30 which was my goal on this medication. I hope to lose another 30
pounds by the end of the year after I am off the medication next week. I was very happy with it.
It gave me a little boost of energy in the morning (that I desperately needed). I do not think I
could have lost 30 pounds on my own in four months. My heart didn’t race, blood pressure didn’t
spike, no negative side effects. I hope the weight stays off when I stop taking the medication
next week. I will use diet and exercise to continue losing weight. I feel much better, much better
about my body image. I dropped from a size 20/22 to a size 14/16. Before the kids I was a size 10.

Aug. 25, 2012 – KLF

YES, they work. They will raise your blood pressure, cause constipation and they give you a sense of “well being”. It must control the eating part of the brain, because it deminishs the desire to eat. I lost 20 pounds in 3 1/2 months. After a year, I gain 12 back. U have to change your eating habits. I want to take them again. This time I know better than to go back and eat whatever I want.

Aug. 26, 2012 – J. Borders

I have been on adipex for 53 days and have lost 30 lbs! It’s my first time being under 200lbs. in at least 5 yrs. I feel great! I have a little over a month left to be on Adipex and am nervous, just hope I can keep the weight off. The only side effects have been dry mouth-been drinking lots of water- and constipation.

j.johnson 9/12/2012

Sep. 12, 2012 – Jaimen

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