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ADD:39# Meiling Road, Chengxi Industry Zone,Yongkang, Zhejiang
Moblie: 0086-13506791569
Tel: 0086-579-87036918
Fax: 0086-579-87036910
E-mail: info@www.adipexreviews.com

After-sales service

The company and its customers to establish long-term partnerships, rather than a simple buyer-seller relationship, we will continue with our customers make joint efforts and common development. All operating systems, management systems, strategic planning, mission, vision, has one of the most fundamental core, both profit. The only source of profit is the customer, so to meet customer demand for maximum operating principle of our business operations. Customer satisfaction is the only starting point to check our work and standards.
Our commitment to the principles of customer complaints feedback;
Immediate feedback, and never make excuses; immediate error correction, be corrected. If you have any comments, recommendations, complaints, please contact us, thank you for your attention!
Provide eight hours of the hotline inquiry service, e-mail reply, procurement bargaining, ordering online consultation, but also provide professional services to support ongoing efforts to co-operators. Construction of first-class customer service centers, to train first-class customer service professionals, to progress and grow together the vision with us. Excellent customer service management team and professional customer service staff will provide you with comprehensive, intimate and timely high-quality gold service.
In order to enable engineers to continuously improve their personal skill levels, providing customers with more comprehensive services, our company every month for engineers, professional technical training, and occasional technical assessment.
Customer service scheduling unified arrangements. In order to refine our services, our company has to implement regional management, hand full-time to provide services for each customer, so that each engineer can wholehearted service to their customers in the region.
Professional services allow you to Gao Chen worry!
If you have any problems during product use, you can consult the Company consists of professional service center, can provide fast service.
Professional integration of marketing management
Professional integration of media delivery
Professional integration of after-sales service
Professional integration of customer inquiries

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